Brexit links

>Brexit continues to dominate the news as the right wing newspapers and the BBC desperately try to support Theresa May ahead of the vote in the UK parliament scheduled for Tuesday 11th December.
Scotland’s voice is being ignored in the debate by most of the mainstream media but speculation online is building. None of us know how things will pan out but here are a few links to articles that you might find helpful.

LIVE: Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gives speech
Watch the First Minister give a speech on 27/11/2018 at Bute House.
BBC Scotland’s political editor under fire after news report pokes fun at FM’s Brexit press conference
A BBC Scotland reporter who only days ago refused to highlight key text of Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, that exposed the betrayal of Scotland’s fishing communities, has again come under fire.
May’s Brexit deal is already doomed. Here’s how the Christmas meltdown could play out | Matthew d’Ancona
It was a funeral masquerading as a baptism. In Brussels, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was welcomed into the world by the UK’s 27 soon-to-be-ex-partners and the priesthood of the European commission.
Councillors warned over Brexit labour shortages – The Courier

Migration to Perthshire is plummeting with potentially serious consequences for the local economy, councillors have been warned.
Council officials hosted a Brexit briefing last week, analysing the ongoing effect of the decision to leave the EU and anticipating the likely effects when Britain leaves in March next year.