Lack of Brexit planning at Perth & Kinross Council Slammed

An urgent Brexit impact assessment will not be commissioned by Perth and Kinross Council, despite continued claims the authority is doing less to prepare than other local authorities.

An SNP motion to compel officers to compile the report was voted down 21 to 15 after independent councillors united with those from Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats to opt instead for an amendment committing to work that was already ongoing and reporting back “in due course”.

Glasgow, Fife and Edinburgh councils are all in the process of producing specific pieces of economic analysis on the likely effects of Brexit in their local communities, with papers expected shortly.

Speaking after an ill-tempered full council meeting, SNP group leader Councillor Dave Doogan said:

“I am absolutely spitting feathers. Voting against the motion was the worse piece of politicking I have seen in the chamber in my lifetime.

“Anyone who thinks the current work being done is reasonable is entirely deluded. What is entirely lacking is a coherent and integrated Brexit policy and it is unforgivable.”

A spokesperson for Perth and Kinross Council said it had been working in close partnership with local and national groups since the referendum in 2016.

She said: “The Council’s position on national groups, such as the Scottish Cities Alliance, means that activity across the country is used to inform local planning.

“On a local basis, working with business and community support partners, we are ensuring residents, service users and businesses who will be most affected by Brexit can be given the information and support they need as it becomes available.

“This work will continue in the coming months as the national arrangements for March 2019 become clearer. The relationships Perth and Kinross Council officers have developed over the past 2 years put us in a good place to respond to changes, and prepare for the future.”