Scotland needs to give New Scots a warm welcome

Lesley Riddoch · The National

Stupid people. Yesterday’s row over Jeremy Corbyn’s muttered words during Prime Minister’s Questions sums up everything that’s wrong with Britain.

Theresa May was defending a Brexit situation so appallingly bleak, no adjectives, metaphors or parallels are sufficiently strong to describe it.
There are no assurances about supplies of vital life-saving anti-cancer drugs from government ministers.
The army is on standby. Important UK Government “reforms” have now been put on a permanent backburner – the only mercy is that the logjam includes yet more hare-brained, cruel and possibly illegal benefits sanctions.

Yet, despite presiding over this utter, abject chaos, the main news following Theresa May’s final clash with the leader of the opposition this year was that he fouled up, apparently muttering “stupid woman” after one of her answers.

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